Friday, September 7, 2007


Legendary Comic Heroes Series 2

Hot on the heels of Series 1 comes the next assortment of Marvel Toys' latest creations. I look on series 2 as more of an extension of series 1, as evidenced by Judge Death shipping in those first early assortments. These have the same plusses and minuses as series 1, and again features an excellent build-a-figure, Art Adams' Monkey man!

Ann O'Brien

Due to the accident that brought Monkeyman to Earth, Ann is transformed as well, and stands nearly seven feet tall! A cursory look at the figure shows tell-tale signs that she is loosely based (some parts are exact) on the She-Hulk mold that Hasbro released. Since Toy Biz artists did all the early work on those Hasbro Marvel Legends, this should come as no surprise. Ann ships with a darker colored variant as well. This is one of the better "Legendary" female figures we've gotten is some time.

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