Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello again. Well it's beena wild time in our country since last I posted. The market dove almost 3 Trillion dollars. Quite frankly I can't even imagine what a Trillion dollars looks like. What I can fathom however is that us ordinary people are going to have to live sparesly for a while until this thing gets straightened out. Before we get to this week's company I have to ask this question. What will this economy do to your discretionary spending on toys? What will you buy? What will you pass on? Is this scary for you?

I know a fair amount of people read this column. I get the hit count from Umpire. So don't just read the column and move on. Write me a letter. I want to post your thoughts at the beginning of the next column. There seems to be a lot of company representatives that read AFTimes. I'm certain they would like to know what to expect.

Now for this week's offerings. Jun Planning has brought back Nightmare Before Christmas back for another round of spooky coolness. NBC has put out a number of different products including "action figures", "Bust-up" type figures, plush and more. From the packaging to the sculpts they have done a great job. Take a look.

If you want to check on this company and more you can go here:

Remember, drop me a line. The election is almost here. Get out and vote! If you don't participate then you can't complain later on if things don't go as you like. More to come soon.


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