Wednesday, October 3, 2007

BENT CARD BLUES! (Jerks in the aisles!)

Umpire writes: I visited my local TRU this afternoon looking to see if there was anything new on the Star Wars rack, when I found some gold coin figures from the first wave of the TAC (the first ones I have seen,) and all the cards corners were bent!

Sure, this is a little thing, but let’s look at it a little closer. Someone picked up the cards, and didn’t buy them, but defaced them so another collector wouldn’t get a unspoiled backer card. See this wouldn’t hurt a kid who is just going to rip open the package, it goes against the adult collector. I don’t get it. Is this the modern day equivalent of Robin Hood, but in this case he’s keeping toys available for little kids? Making toys unattractive to collectors that would value a straight card back?

These are Star Wars toys, and the days are over when anyone thinks he is going to sell off his collection and send their kid to a fine Ivy League school.

So, there is no profit motive in defacing the card. Nobody is going to think your fresh from the case figure is going to become harder to find and thus be worth more. The only guy getting hurt is a fellow collector. One that places value on an mint card because he wants it. Not for what it’s worth on the secondary market. So, it’s a little creepy to be such a worthless pig as to negatively impact some guy who’s only sin is that he collects toys and buys mint cards...

It’s not just general assholery, it’s just plain evil.

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