Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Feed Shark

The Tee2r is to combine art and fashion with the apparel proposed in
limited edition and which will be animated by image for the brand Toy2r
and for the toys, very limited in Qty. 100% Cotton pre-shrink

Made in China

BearbearQ stitch
BearbearQ shadow stitch
KAIJU Qee logo
Moon Toyer
Toyer Head stitch

Available: 4 size - F (Small) , M , L , XL
Each style will be packaged to include a mini 1.5" scale QEE

About Tee2r :
Founded by toy mastermind Raymond Choy in 1995, Toy2R is one of the
most well known designer toy Brand. "Free to move" strives to
systematically break down the borders between Designer Art and product
design. Toy2R works with an army of artists to create innovative and
collectible designs on DIY Qee concept start as white, three-dimensional
blank canvases to explore and design. The results are materialized
artistic visions thought up by each artist with the playful at heart and
the serious collector. - Raymond Choy @ Toy2r

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