Friday, January 16, 2009

HAPPY 2009

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is a great year fro all of you. I have a few things that I should have shown you before the end of last year but couldn't due to a very hectic schedule. I will have quite a few updates in the next 4 weeks of upcoming Toy2R product that you can and can't buy! Let's take a look at what is in the account for today.

First up are 2 Christmas 8 inch Qees. All decked out for the holidays!

Toy2R has another Dr. Bomb by Frank Kozik. This time it is flocked in black!

There were also 2 blind boxed set of toys. Mini Bombs and Potamus's.

Last but not least is a secret colorway that has just been revealed. It is the might Meaty Smash. Born in a universe far away, Meaty Smash comes to this planet to hunt down and crush crappy vinyl with his mighty fists! Meaty Smash, with his all one seeing eye, seeks out this sub par product and destroys it. His wavy blonde hair, armor, momo eye and all around coolness (LOL) are his weapons. If you make crappy vinyl he will seek you out.

I want to thank my friends Ben & Stephanie at: for thre Smash to customize. I also would like to suggest you check out thier site for ordering Toy2R and many other products! Tenacious Toys have great prices, quick shipping and fantastic customer service!

That's it for this withdrawl from the vault. Drop me a line...I have prizes.

Happy 2009!


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