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As a parent I know how hard it is to keep children's toys in one place and neatly stored away. If you don't keep on top of it, it can become an overwhelming chore! But, there is hope in the clever and fun way to store your kid's loose playthings:'s Zip Bins.

Zip Bin Softie Racer:

This is a sports car shaped carrying case, made from pliable materials and colored red. All of the surfaces have been painted and the underside of the car is even detailed.

There are two straps so smaller kids can use it as a backpack.

When the car is unzipped it opens to reveal a roadway in full color for a fun play area.

With the addition of some small figures and/or animals you can have a very substantial play set that will engage children for hours. The Softie Racer even comes with two die-cast cars to start you off.

(A very nice touch.)

Dinosaur Mini Play set

This is a smaller sized container and play mat, great for traveling with your kids.

The zippered corners fold up from the flat play environment into a small box with a lid. Again, the artwork covers the entire box and the interior box lid shows mighty dinosaurs rearing up.

The kit comes with 3 dinos to start off your collection, but the island could be an ideal environment for marine and terrestrial action figures, boats, subs and cars.

Once more the play mat can hold many loose figures for storage or transport.

Softie Country Stable play set

This is another large storage and play mat environment with colorful artwork detailing corrals, riding ring, barns and even a pond.

The soft-sided mat zips up to become a wonderful horse barn with peaked roof and full illustrations all around. There is a bag of horses, riders, jumping fences and a dog. Other farm animals could be added to the play set to add to the fun.

Overall I love the idea and the execution of this simple toy/storage product. They keep your kid’s playthings neatly stored and stimulate your youngsters’ imaginative play, which are both great benefits from products. The surfaces are all washable, and the toy conforms to all safety regulations, and since there are no sharp or hard points it's a very safe and fun product. Prices for the larger items are about twenty dollars, which for the added figures and the sheer coolness of the play sets are well worth paying.

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