Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Diamond Select has been producing Ultimate Quarter Scale Star Wars figures and have brought us large talking characters of Darth Maul, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Hoth and more. This time they have graciously sent us the Luke Skywalker Jedi outfit.

Large and I mean large window box that shows off the figure as well as the accessories. It has the white and red Clonetrooper helmet design used on recent Star Wars product.

The Luke Skywalker face sculpt is a very close match to Mark Hamill as he appeared in the Return of the Jedi. Right down to his blue eyes and cleft chin.
The joints are strong and a little stiff, but there are tons of POA for your displaying enjoyment.

Let's face it. These figures live and die by their costumes. Diamond Select has outfitted Luke in his black Jedi uniform with knee high boots and black belt.
He also comes with a Jedi robe, that has a wire embedded in the hood to help adjust the hood to hang correctly on the figure, be it laying down or covering the head. The design and quality of the fabric shows through. The neck of his tunic is open and showing a bit of the gray lining, a very nice touch.

Luke comes with two extra hands, a bone to recreate the scene from the Rancor den beneath Jabba's palace floor, a lightsaber with a removable laser green laser blade. The saber fits in the hands well as does the bone, although the bone is quite solid and heavy and could throw the balance of the figure off, save for the adjustable black stand.

Voice chip:
The great added value of these figures are that they are a third bigger than 12" figures and the fact that they talk! Make sure you flip the switch out of the Try Me demo and you can hear Luke say the lines from Return of the Jedi

Master Yoda, is Darth Vader my father?

(shutting down lightsaber sound effect) You've failed your Highness, I am a Jedi, like my father before me...

Then I am a Jedi.

Overall impressions:
We've seen some very cool characters come from Diamond
Select and Art Asylum recently. Luke Jedi Knight is one of these. Very high quality, cool accessories and clothing, and the voice chip. All of these things combine to create a huge Star Wars collectible!
I've seen that Darth Vader is coming soon, that will be a must have, and I'm hoping that we get Stormtroopers, Luke flight suit, Leia (New Hope) and a Chewbacca.
The Ultimate Quarter Scale Star Wars figures are the giants of the action figure aisle...

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