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New from BIC Plastics is D.I.Y 8" BIC Buddy!! This blank D.I.Y was designed strictly for creativity with clean large bold shapes and surface ready for you to customize! 8" D.I.Y is designed by artist Marka27 and is available in a matte white finish.

Truly a great vinyl canvas for customizing beginners and seasoned pros!

Click here to check out this video from the BIC custom show

Suggested Retail $25

BIC BUDDY 8" White DIY - Item # BICP0008

Killa Instinct Tribal Version BACK IN STOCK
by Marka27

Marka27 x Tribal Streetwear. 10" tall figure. Die cut window box.

Suggested Retail $90

The final shipment just arrived.

Killa Instinct Tribal Version - Item #BICP0006

BIC Buddy - Artist Series #1

BIC Buddy designed by U.S. Graffiti Artist - Marka27; the first artist series features some of today's most talented artists/ designers - Cope2, David Flores, Kano, Marka27, Ritzy Periwinkle, Jesse Hernandez, MAD, SKET, Brandt Peters, Scribe, Angry Woebots, Andrew Bell and Indie84.

Suggested Retail $8 each

BIC Buddy - Artist Series #1 - Item #BICP0007

by Dave Flores

12" tall with dual-welded razor sharp knives. Packed in a 4 C Box.
Limited edition of 200 pcs.

Suggested Retail $170

Sketchartis - Item #BICP0003

by kaNO

6" tall Figure. Limited edition of 300 pcs.

Suggested Retail $45

Bodega - Item #BICP0011

only a few left

Sham The Clown

by MAD Design

10" figure with bendy arms. Comes with 2 knives and 2 bottles. 1 C color window box. Limited edition of 300 pcs.

Suggested Retail $90

Sham The Clown - Item #BICP0001

Sham the Clown Black & Gold Edition

This is the special My Plastic Heart NYCC Black & Gold edition of the 10 inch Sham figure design by MAD. The most limited version of this figure, it is limited to only 96 pcs and comes with 2 knives and 2 bottles to stick it to his unsuspecting enemies.

Suggested Retail $100

Sham the Clown Black & Gold Edition - BICP0002

Vinyl's Attack

by Nicolas LESAFFRE

10" Tall Vinyl Figure. Packaged in a 4C window box. Limited edition of 100 pcs.

Suggested Retail $80

Vinyl's Attack - Item #BICP0012


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