Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Welcome back to another opening of The Toybox. Today I have something a bit special. It seems that Disneyland has an exclusive Indiana Jones figure for sale. Cisting around $15.00 with shipping this is an impressive figure. First it was sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios. The card itself is pretty large measuring in at 14 X 91/2. Indiana comes with a really nice base with extra blocks, pillar and bamboo. He also comes with these accessories: golden idol, scythe, hat, whip (if stretched this measure 14"), gun, journal & flashlight.

Indiana himself has 13 points of articulation. Neck, ball jointed shoulders & legs, waist, wrists, knees and feet. His jacket is rubber but not removeable. His holster & bag also do not open. All in all a very nice taste to whet the appetites of those waiting on the new hasbro line due out in 2008. Take a look.

If this is of interest to you go our Geberal Buzz board on the blog and get the 800 number to call. I was amazed that it came before Christmas!

More Toybox to come.


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