Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Hello again. Well the year is almost over. Can you beleive how fast it seemed to go by? I have covered a lot of product this year and believe it or not I am not even close to being finished. The year end will once again bring the Best Of awards. I wonder who will win this year? I hope you enjoyed the 8 Days of Hannukah and are still participating in the 12 Days of Christmas that is ongoing. I went to alot of work to get tons of cool prizes so watch for the Prize Monkey's announcements.

In this column we get a chance to look at Tonner Doll's rendition of Peter Parker in Spiderman 3. The cool part about this doll is that Peter Parker lies beneath the hood! Diamond Select has released some cool busts from Beowolf. I wish that Angelina Jolie had done a bust. Oh well...

That's it for this quicky update. Watch for alot more all over the site as we barrel towards year's end.

Stay warm!


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