Monday, May 5, 2008


I have to admit it's been about four decades since I've tried to assemble a Hot Wheel track, but this one came together quite nicely. The full color instructions were detailed enough to help even a oldster like myself get racing in about 20 minutes.

The track pieces were of good quality and marked for ease of contruction. What appears from a mountain of parts is a four intersection base/motor with loops and high velocity banked turns (one which sports a gap to hurdle over). On the other end is the jump. It's straight up, the cars shoots up and falls into a funnel, at terminus is rotating tunnel. The car enters the tunnel and it rulls around until it's wheels allow it to be deposited back onto the base/motor where it gets shot down the track once more.

Adding a second car increases the chance of a collision, which as we all know adds to the fun of the playset! The included exclusive Mach 6 was a nice treat, but you'll want to pick up some other cars for some crash effects!

No tools required. Takes fout D size batteries.

It's a heck of a ride!

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