Saturday, October 31, 2009


Classic Justice League of America members Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern appear here in action figure form, along with a 48-page book featuring the story of the re-formation of the JLA after Infinite Crisis, as well as the characters' origin stories as told by contemporary artists. The stories included in this special set are Justice League of America #31 by Brad Meltzer, Ed Benes and Sandra Hope, the 2-page origin stories from the pages of 52 starring Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern and the JLA, plus the 2-page Superman origin story by Brian Azzarello, Jim Lee and Scott Williams previously seen in Absolute Superman: For Tomorrow.

This box set of figures all have sharp paint, and are sculpted wonderfully. The articulation is a little bit limited, but the lines of the figures are touching on beautiful. The capes are pliant plastic which helps in posing. Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth made from softgoods instead of being molded plastic. Green Lantern comes complete with his iconic lantern. All figures come with black circular bases.

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