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Welcome back kids! Captain Collector here, bringing you a TON of new toys this month. We'll be looking at Mattel's DCUC line first, and there's plenty to look at! THere are 3 new two packs, a new Wal-Mart exclusive 5 pack, and the single-carded series 9 hitting shelves now. As if your wallets weren't already beaten in to submission, series 10, another Wal-Mart exclusive wave, could hit shelves any minute now. Mattel sends along a message to your bank account:
"I'm Sorry".

Two Packs

The Ultraman Vs. Alex Luthor set is currently available on, while the other 2 sets are currently on shelf at Toys R Us.

Gotham City 5 Pack

This set is currently shipping to Wal-Mart in a case packout of 3 per. At $54.99, it's a bit pricey, but contains some great repaints and a fantastic Lex Luthor. The Two-Face comic accurate figure is my favorite, but this set also contains some great "standard" versions of Batman & Superman. If I had one complaint, it's that I wish the set included more accessories. Only Catwoman includes her whip; I added a gun for Two-Face & the Kryptonite chunk for Lex, and a batarang for Bruce. I get the sense that you may not want to snooze on these, as I don't expect them to hang around for too long.

DCUC Series 9

Series 9 has appeared at retail, and even yours truly The Captain has found a set on shelf. Currently, I'm missing the Super Powers version of Mantis (he's weighted 50-50) and the Black Wildcat (I've heard 70-30 split). Series 9 features some of the best paint work yet, and the impressive Chemo Collect-N-Connect figure!

Black Adam

One of the sharpest in the set, he features a real metal chain on the scarab amulet! It's been pointed out to me by a prominent collector that the head would make for a fine Namor custom, and I can't dissagree! Captain Marvel beware!


Fans of the Bat-Villain Deadshot will not be dissapointed! He features many new parts, including his signature wrist guns!


Leave it to Mattel and the Four Horsemen to take a very basic looking character and put an amazing spin on it. Gaudian features an actual separate helmet, with the face sculpt underneath clearly visible. The end result looks fantastic, and allows for ZERO paint slop underneath. It's a really great approach to an age old problem, and it makes this one stand out.


Mantis comes in two versions, the Kirby version and the Super Powers robotic version. The one I found is obviously the Kirby version, and he's really a great figure. The cape is a new, flexible rubber that allows for a great range of motion! Perhaps in the future we can get Batman / Superman figures with capes like this! As with most figures in wave 9, he features some great airbrush detailing.

Black Canary

Mrs. Queen here features a first for the line: Real fishnet stockings! In order to accomodate this, the hip joints appear to be locked in a T-Crotch fashion. As I pose my figures in fairly vanilla poses, it doesn't bother me at all, but it may bother some, and you should know that Canary here won't be doing the splits anytime soon. Other than that, she's a real looker.


Former Professional Boxer-turned-masked-adventurer Wildcat also shows off a design similar to Gaurdian. His mask is a separate piece, giving the illusion of an actual face/head under there! Another winner in a line full of winners.

Green Arrow

Saving the best for last, Oliver Queen comes ready for action! He includes his signature bow & Arrow, quiver, bola arrow, boxing glove arrow, and exlosive tip arrow. You can actually see the digital timer on the explosive arrow. He also includes an almost entirely new, inspired sculpt and plenty of extra paint apps. As advertised, he's the first figure in the line with ball & socket wrist articulation to expertly handle his bow.


The Series 9 Collect-N-Connect figure is Cemo. He's easily the biggest in the line so far, measuring a full 10 inches tall. Giganta is as tall, but Chemo's got the bulk to go along with it! He's a reall fun & cool figure.

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