Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hello again. Halloween is upon us with ghouls, goblins and candy. Be safe and have a great time!

Let's get right to it. Hot Toys is now THE pre-eminent, maker of 12 inch figures bar none. Their attention to detail is astounding! The packaging is always cool, as is this one. A foam box with a full color sleeve. The faces they sculpt and paint are right on and the amount of detail to the accessories is just downright amazing.

We finally get to see the John Connor figure from the Terminator Salvation movie. Damn if it doesn't hit the bullseye. From the facial sculpt that makes you believe that this figure is going to talk to you, to the fantastic job on the outfit. I would have loved to take the jacket off but truth be told, I was afaid I wouldn't get the harness back on with my big fat fingers! The guns, knives and ammunition are great as well.

Take a look and I dare you to disagree!!!!

That's it for this column. Back soon!

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