Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Hello again. Well Toy Fair 2008 has come and gone and by now you should have had the opportunity to view a ton of product due out this year. Hasbro, in my humble opinion, could very well be the company to take the most of your money (IF you are a Star Wars as well as Indiana Jones fan). Heck, with 5 of the biggest licenses I don't see how most people won't be buying something from them. Mattel's Batman lines look stellar. I am certain the hunt for The Joker figure will be very heated. Sideshow announced thier first armored figure in General Obi Wan Kenobi and it (the exclsuive version) sold out in less then 15 minutes! Hell Boy 2 is also coming to Sideshow. Did you see the Samaritan gun with glow-in-the-dark bullets??! Sweeeeeeeeet!

Now I could go on and on (Editor Umpire, Randy and me plan on ding a huge pod cast concerning Toy Fair) but I want to touch on one company in particular and that's Diamond Select Toys. I was curious as to what they had planned since their Marvel license wasn't renewed. Well they sure replaced that with something almost unbelieveable. Star Wars, Star Trek & Indiana Jones 18 inch, articulated, great sculpts, accessories & sound chipped figures for around $75.00!!!! Holy moly!! IF they produce quality product in that range I have a feeling that DST will be the winner in the money war. Only time will tell but I am for sure in their corner. Drop me a line and let me know just what you thought of Toy Fair and what you plan on buying this year. Good letters are always welcome.

Now onto this week's showings. First up is McFarlane's 3D rendering of the Godfather. I can just about here him talk he is that good.

McFarlane's Halo figures have hit so watch for those in your stores as well as here in my column.

Dark Horse continues to release some very tasty mini statues and busts of beautiful women.

Mezco has released their Cinema of Fear plush line. I love these guys! They are cool & creepy and so well made. Kudos to Mez and his team. I am sure these will fly off of the shelves!

Sideshow put out the Saw doll! So here he is.

I am guessing this isn't a trio you would want to bump into ANYWHERE!

This next company I know well. What I get such a kick out of is the idiots who keep saying this company Sota Toys is going out of business! This couldn't be further from the truth. They are and will continue to be in business for quite a while. Yes, they are still working through some issues left behind by the old regime that owned it but they are still pumping out cool product. Case in point is the statue of Blanka I have here. Don't believe everything you read on the net unless you here from it from the source.

Last up is The Flasher. If I have a contest THIS is what you will have to look for. LOL.

That's it for this week. See you again very soon,


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