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Yamato Announces the Next Revolution in Action Figures

Torrance, CA, March 18, 2008 – Yamato is pleased to introduce a new revolution in action figures: The GN-U DOU (GN-U meaning “band of brave warriors”, and DOU “movement” in Japanese).

The GN-U DOU is a tribute to the giant robots of Japanese anime in palm-sized form with meticulous attention given to articulation and detail. Employing a new, innovative internal frame system with over thirty points of articulation for maximum range of movement, Yamato’s GN-U DOU are capable of ultra-cool posings straight from the animes which inspired them. At the same time, the outer armor coverings express the unique look and feel of each giant robot. The sense of mechanical action is further conveyed through the visual effect of seeing the internal frame through the outer covering.

And Yamato, famed for its fully transformable action figures, brings the GN-U to life as only Yamato is capable. After all, an intricate internal frame system for precise movement, as well as a detailed outer construction for exact likeness of character to please even the most ardent of action figure fans adds up to a lot of parts… an average of over 100 pieces per figure! Just another testament to Yamato’s precedence in toy engineering.

First up for the GN-U DOU is Braiger from Galaxy Cyclone Braiger, the first anime in the J-9 trilogy which includes Galactic Gale Baxingar and Galactic Whirlwind Sasuraiger (Baxingar and Sasuraiger action figures to follow). Made with safe, high quality non-phthalate PVC, Braiger measures approximately 5.50”, features 37 points of articulation, and includes interchangeable parts and themed weaponry all packaged in collectors style window boxes.

Yamato USA and distribution partners AAA Anime, Diamond Comics, BBCW, Grosnor Distribution, and Yes Anime are now accepting preorders for Yamato’s The GN-U DOU: Galaxy Cyclone Braiger - Braiger. For more information, please visit Yamato USA’s website at YAMATO USA

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