Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Hello again. It has turned temporarily cold and rainy here. I can live with it for a day or so I guess. This morning I attended the Los Angeles Wizard show. There were far fewer toy companies there then just a year ago! If you were/are going to attend it would be for the myriad of stars that were going to be in attendence. There were movies as well as television shows being discussed.

One of the few companies hosting a panel was Kotobukiya. Unfortunately there was no photography but there was a fair amount of information. There will be no ArtFX Ironman or Hulk. Those 2 characters will be in resin. The "in progress" Ironman looked sweeeeeeeeeeeet as did the Hulk. Koto will also have these cool 12" statues of scenes. One shown was from Indiana Jones. I have no doubt that if you are going to attend the San Diego Con in July that you will love what you are going to see! The Marvel license looks like it will yield quite a few products. Again, no photographs but take it from me, it all looked good.

Let's move on to what's here. First off is Gentle Giant's first vinyl from the Star Wars line. This was actually a Christmas gift from them. The colors are a bit different from the regular edition or the edition that will be sold at the SDCC. My good friend Amanda Burns made sure I got one of these. She (like a lot of people these days) was recently downsized out of her position at GG. All of us here at AFTimes (including those of you who got prizes) wish Amanda luck in finding another position.

Ka Ching Brands has released thier Mindstyle Golem in 2 colorways. Me, I like them both! Dark Horse will be distributing the Mindstyle brand this year making these readily available in a lot mor locations!

Now onto some yummy stuff. I have brought you Booty Babes before by Spencer Davis. Well here is another one. Just an eye full if you ask me!

Gold hunting abounds!

Last but not least is the 18 inch oversized VCD Darth Vader by Medicom, distributed by Sideshow Collectibles. The cost might keep a lot of people from purchasing but take it from me, it is worth every penny!

That's it for today. Lots more coming I promise you!


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