Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Forces of Valor: Bravo Team.M3A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

Unimax sends us this cool Bradley fighting vehicle. This is a fine 1;18 scale armored vehicle that sports fine detiling including racks, shovels, and opening hatches. The turret rotates and the main gun raises up and down. The treads are fully articulated and the treads are made from a pliable plastic that rolls easily over your rug or backyard!
There is a opening rear hatch that opens into a detailed compartment with benches for your figures to be seated in as they are carried into battle.
The main turren has two hatches that allow you to place an action figure into each.
The Bradley comes fully assembled and requires no batteries.

This is a fine large vehicle for military enthusiasts, as well as kids. It’s detailed and durable and just plain fun! Other vehicles include the German Tiger 1. the Abrams tank and the Sherman tank of WWII. These are great toys that collectors and kids alike will enjoy.

These are available at Target now!

Forces of Valor: 1:18 scatle figures.

These are well done military figures with tons of detail, good paint ops as well as many accessories that add to the fun. The articulation is good and the faces are distinct and of high quality.

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