Monday, February 25, 2008


Welcome back to The Toybox. I remember reaching into my own toybox for my favorite plush toy when I wasn't feeling well. Back then it was a nice friendly bear. Well times have certainly changed and these days when you reach for plush it could be just about anything! Today we take a look at plush body parts by I Heart Guts. They have made a series of cool plushies based on human body parts. Each one comes with an informative tag and of course is soft and nice to hold. Take a look.

If you want to more about this company and it's cool plush you can go here:

Next up are two friendly plushies from Dookie-Poo. each comes with instructions on what to do & not to do with them!

To learn more about this company and the Dookie-Poos you can go here:

Last but least is Frank Kozik's Smokey. Standing approximately 30 inches tall and coming with his own cigarette, this giant smoke is certainly out of the ordinary.

Well that's it for this reach into the Toybox. Watch for more openings!


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