Wednesday, February 13, 2008


It seems Toy2R is expanding their QEE licensed products beyond Matt Groening's
The Simpsons (Bart and Homer Qees) with their upcoming FUTURAMA QEES!

ToyFare [all original images via] has exclusive sneak peeks of the WIP-protoypes of Series 1, which will include Fry and Bender from the cartoon series "tentatively due out in July or August ... future assortments may have Leela and Nibbler. Look for variant figures within each wave, as well" (EDIT: the Simpsons' Blinky the 3-Eyed Fish and Bart Raven shown are samples for the upcoming SIMPSONS line and have nothing to do with the FUTURAMA items)

"As we continue to work on the sculpt of each figure in classic form, you can bet that you'll see some classic variants along with the others, especially Bender," said Diamond Comics’ Kevin Winnick. "You can bet you'll see Flexo, the female Bender and even the GOLD Bender!"

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nevanevaneva said...

did the bart simpson raven ever come out?! I need to find one for my sister.