Friday, February 22, 2008



--- First Wave of Plush Now Hitting Shelves at Target;
With More Nationwide Retailers for Fall 2008---

JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK) is
excited to launch a full line-up of collectible plush, mini figures, playsets and
activities with an interactive online component and based on the expansive
virtual world of Neopets®, and its extraordinary characters, found at The JAKKSTM product line brings the online experience of
Neopets, the world’s original youth-targeted virtual world, to the real world with a
focus on collectible plush toys that tie-in to the extensive variety of Neopets
species and characters featured throughout the world of Neopia.

Neopets is one of the most popular kids and tween online destinations, boasting over 44 million
registered users worldwide, and is the No. 1 “stickiest” youth entertainment site in terms of time spent
(5 hours 24 minutes average per month), page views per user (617 pages average per month), and
total page views (2.5 billion pages average per month).

The site provides an online experience for kids and tweens where they can create and adopt virtual
companions called Neopets. While Neopets membership and wealth of content is free and open to all,
JAKKS products will unlock added play experiences for site members via virtual prize codes. As a
digital-first experience, the Neopets product line represents a fresh approach to toys and collectible
plush with a meaningful web component.

JAKKS recently unveiled a limited-release of the Series I of collectible plush at
Target stores nationwide. Neopets fans have already started to collect their
favorite Neopets plush. Each character has a unique, irresistible design and
includes a virtual prize code that can be entered online to link the plush with a
virtual token representation of the same plush that was purchased in-store. The
initial series contain both Limited-Edition and Retired versions to increase
collectability and generate coveted online bragging rights. Ages 6+, Suggested
Retail Price $7.99

In Fall 2008, JAKKS plans a full roll-out of Neopets product including mini figures and playsets to add to
the plush line-up. Neopets recently announced Key Quest, a multi-player online gaming and collecting
experience, which will link JAKKS’ product line into the expansive Neopian® world. With Key Quest, the
virtual tokens representing purchased plush toys become playable game pieces, and all purchased
Neopets products are displayable in a special Key Quest Collector’s Case. Players can play with and
against each other while showing off their acquired collections.

JAKKS also plans to launch activity toys in Fall 2008, which allows kids to paint, decorate and display
creative artwork featuring all of their favorite Neopets characters. With the Neopets Paint-A-Figure
Set, kids can use paints and stickers to decorate blank sculpted vinyl figures, giving each Neopet a
unique look, just like their customized Neopets online! The set includes 3 vinyl figures, 10 paint palettes
and 1 sticker sheet. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail Price $9.99. The new Custom Computer Decorating
Kit will let kids customize their computers by decorating their monitor with a Neopets monitor frame,
create their own customized Neopets mouse pad and mouse holder featuring their favorite characters,
and also personalize their keyboard with their very own Neopets stickers. Ages 6+, Suggested Retail
Price: $14.99

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