Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Hello again. Well the rain has let up a bit here in the Los Angeles area. For a while I thought Noah and his ark would be pulling up out front of the house! The Superbowl is this Sunday. Who are you rooting for? For me, both teams being from the East Coast, it is a bit of a quandry. I am a New Englander but I also used to be a huge Giant fan. In the end I have to go with the Patriots. 18 and zero losses and quite possibly the best quarterback in ages. Go Patriots!

The annual Toy Fair is almost here. Niether Randy or me will be attending this year. By the way, niether will Sideshow Collectibles or Jakks Pacific! With the demise of the 200 5th building and the 1107 Broadway building, space is now hard to come by. Sideshow sided with saving money. Jakks probably the same. I am sure that both companies will be releasing information via the web during the week. AFTimes will have a correspondent covering the show so we won't be lacking for news.

Dark Horse is this column's focus. They continue to distribute some really cool products. I have the 3 Elf Quest busts Skywise, Leetah & Cutter and a new Frazetta statue, Moon Maid who is really hot! Here they are.

Well that made my day. No contests this week. It seems there is a lack of interest for what I had. Oh well...I'll just find homes for it on my own.

See you again very soon,


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