Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Greetings October Toys fans!

Happy New Year! Has everyone else been as cold as we have? We have a
couple new things in the works like new Z.O.M.B.I.E.s and of course,

Also, don't forget that Valentine's Day is right around the corner!
Still looking for that perfect gift for your sweetie? You know they
would love a Series 1 Gwin (on sale now!) or even better, a custom

On to the news...

- February Gwin Sale!

- Buy Custom MegaGwins Online

- Panzy the Pirate is here!

February Gwin Sale...

Series 1 Gwins are on sale now through the end of February for only
$5 each!

Custom MegaGwins Online...

The available custom MegaGwins online have been updated, some with
lower prices, so be sure to check them out at

Panzy the Pirate...

She's here and she wants yer booty!

Panzy the Pirate is an 8" tall doll with a vinyl head, soft body,
posable arms, and super cute accessories! She is only $15 and you can
check her out at OctoberToys.com/posiez

Panzy is the second Pocket Full of Posiez doll and you can find out
more about her character at PocketFullofPosiez.com

Other interesting stuff&

- Don't forget that your sweetheart would love an October Toys gift
certificate! (Wouldn't they?) You can make their dreams come true at

- We had to move the Toy Break video files to a new web host due to
bandwidth issues (which means more of you are watching and that
rocks!). We found a great one called Dreamhost.com

that starts at $7.95/month with 145 GB storage and 1.5 TB of
bandwidth (which means a lot of people can look at your stuff!). If
you're looking for web hosting, check this one out and you can even
help support Toy Break by using our promo code "toybreak2" to save
$50 on monthly or yearly plans!

Will you be our Valentine?

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