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DCUC Series 2 Sneek Peek

Hey folks, glad to have ya back! I've got a Mattel-a-palooza column coming for you, but I just couldn't wait to show you this one! Shipping soon is the follow up to one my my very favorite lines, DCUC by Mattel. Series one was amazing, and series 2 looks to top it in terms of quality, character selection, and of course, Grodd! You know I love me some monkey!

Tha packaging follows the excellent example set forht by series 1, but noe features graphics of the characters from series 2. You will notice on the back that althought the classic Ronnie Firestorm ships first, the modern version is shown. Also, superman Red is not pictured, but is coming as we all know.

Mattel has taken what is basically a simple design and knocked the execution out of the park. The painted white parts are VERY clean, and mine shows no sample of any run-off or paint bleed. The blue is a striking hue cast is matte finish plastic. There is a nice subtle dark airbrushing in the recessed areas. Very clean work. The joints are all tight and hold thier poses well while moving smoothly. The blue exlectrical bolts area nice touch, and the ones one his forearms are removeable. The large one on his back, emblazoned with the Superman logo, are not.

I'm sure he reiuses parts from other basic male molds, but he looks like a figure that is designed for flying poses. His torso ab crunch allows for a wide range of motion, and coupled with a very generous range of motion on the head ball & socket makes for some cool flying poses. The ankle joints round out the illusion perfectly. If I had one complaint, it's that I wish he had some sort of peg hole in his back or an included flying stand, becase he just looks so cool in this mode. You can check out his scale versus other figures in the line here:

However, included more plastic parts would raise the cost of these figures, and then we couldn't get sool accessories like that monkey arm! Grodd's arm looks big, but not overly huge. From the looks of things, the scale will be perfect! It's painted to perfection, and has a ball & socket shoulder joint, bicep swivel, Elbow, and ball & socket wrist. It makes me want the rest of the set not now, but RIGHT now!!!

Special thanks to Mattel for allowing me the priveledge of bringing this awesome toy to you. Also, in case you missed it, here's the latest Q +A, which really answers some interesting questions!
Peace out!

Q: Has Mattel ever considered using a double elbow or double knee joint? The current aesthetic of the figures is great, but perhaps this added articulation might work for some?

A: It is something we have considered and if it makes sense logistically for certain figures we are certainly open to exploring it.

2. Q: Will there be an exclusive DCUC figure for Comicon? If so, can you give us a hint if it will be an all-new figure (like Manbat was) or a repainted figure?

A: We can confirm there will be a DCUC figure for Comic Con. It will be a “new” figure that shares some existing parts. But it will be just as “new” as Orion and Red Tornado sharing parts. We can’t give any more hints at this time other then to say it is a an alien figure. We will be revealing all of our San Diego Comic Con figures at NY Comic Con in April.

3. Will the planned variant figures from series 1 (Penguin-bot, Modern Red Tornado, and mystery variant) see release, or are they cancelled?

A: At the moment they are “on hold”, looking to ship in later releases this year. Logistically it made sense to get Wave 2 out quickly rather then hold it up entirely just to ship out more of Wave 1 with the variants included. Incidentally, the mystery second variant would have been Etrigan with black lips and slightly different eyes to make him a bit more “Kirby” like.

4. Is there a target street date for series 2?

A: Late Feb/Early May.

5. We know Toy Fair is just around the corner, any chance of a sneak peek? ;)

A: We can reveal that while we will not be showing all of Wave 4 of the DCUC at NYTF we will be revealing the major character from this wave in 2-up form.

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