Friday, February 22, 2008



JAKKS Pacific, Inc. (Nasdaq: JAKK)
introduces the Mega ShotTM gel shooter line of action toys, a new way for kids
to be active outdoors by incorporating the sport of Paintball with fun slimey goo.
Appealing to a wide array of players, Paintball is a popular outdoor sports
activity that, according to the Sporting Goods Manufacturer's Association,
draws an estimated 5 million players annually in the United States alone. The
JAKKSTM Mega Shot line is a great safe introductory Paintball game that
provides kids gobs of fun with cool, futuristic-looking and vibrantly colored
blasters that shoot loads of gooey green slimey goo!

Kids can entertain themselves! The Mega Shot BlasterTM Single Pack is a single player game pack
that allows kids to play independently for hours blasting bugs outside, their favorite toys or the bulls-eye
target! The Single Pack features a double barrel sci-fi designed blaster that shoots over 40 feet of fun
and has a centered crosshair target for an awesome aim. The Mega Shot Blaster Single Pack includes
1 Mega Shot Blaster gun, cool goggles and 2 bottles of slimey goo. Ages 7+, Suggested Retail Price:

The Mega Shot BlasterTM 2-Pack doubles the fun and allows kids to challenge their friends to a gooey
game of oozy paintball with slime! Kids can create their own competition by inventing the rules of
engagement with their opponents, and then continually setting the mark higher and higher to perfect
their game! The Mega Shot Blaster 2-Pack features 2 Mega Shot Blaster guns with sci-fi design, cool
goggles and 4 bottles of slimey goo. Ages 7+, Suggested Retail Price: $39.99

Go green at any age! The Mega Shot Quick-ShotTM Pack is geared for younger kids to allow them to
engage in the world of green goo with a more entry-level pistol that safely shoots over 30 feet. With the
Mega Shot Quick-Shot Pack, kids can entertain themselves silly by dispersing bright green slimey goo
on their toys or older siblings too! The Mega Shot Quick-Shot Pack features 1 Mega Shot Quick-Shot
pistol, 1 pair of bright neon green-colored goggles and 1 bottle of slimey goo. Ages 7+, Suggested
Retail Price: $14.99

With Mega Shot Refill Packs, kids can keep their gooey battles going and going as the competition
grows amongst their friends and family members. The Mega Shot Refill Packs include 4 Mega Shot
refill bottles. Ages 7+, Suggested Retail Price: $7.99

All Mega Shot product ingredients are non-toxic and washable. The Mega Shot product line is expected
tol be available at retailers nationwide for Fall 2008.

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