Sunday, June 1, 2008


Feed SharkYou may already have this on your radar, but beginning tomorrow we'll be offering an exclusive 1966 TV Series Batmobile on This 1:64 scale version is really the ultimate version of the car. It's as if we stepped back in time and made the car in the old-style Hot Wheels vein. It will come in Spectraflame black with our signature Neo-Classic wheels, and for the first time it will feature a die-cast chassis.

Best of all, the car is being made to order. We're keeping it up on the site for a week. However many orders we have after that, that's what we'll tell the factory to produce. Therefore, this is obviously a pre-order item.

The offer is being made only to our Red Line Club (RLC) members. This is one of the perks of membership, along with a 24-hour priority window on most exclusive items we offer for sale. Another one of those exclusive items is a rather large Pixar "Cars" set I'm sure you've heard about (going up for sale 5/20). Meaning if your readers were interested in that and the Batmobile, now's a great time to join the club.
Additional details of a Red Line Club membership can be found here:
Below is the article that is currently on our site re: the sale. I've also attached images from our e-sheet and the packaging artwork. Feel free to post details on your site, and let me know if you have any questions.

Not The Same Bat: RLCâ„¢ 1966 TV Series BATMOBILEâ„¢!
Collector Favorite Gets A Heroic Upgrade

Released as a Hot Wheels® 2007 New Models edition, the 1966 TV Series Batmobile™ was an instant sensation with collectors -- but harder to find than the elusive Batcave™. We got the message like a Bat Signal™ on a dark night… and POW! BAM! WHOMP! Here’s a special Red Line Club™ edition of the Dynamic Duo’s heroic ride!
The one-week Priority Window for RLC™ members only begins Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 9:00 AM PT and will end at 11:00 AM PT on Monday, May 19. Note that this edition will be made to order, meaning if you want one, this is the bat time – the only bat time – you’ll be able to order one.

This edition appears as it would have if we’d manufactured it back in 1968 with the original batch of Hot Wheels cars. It features a Spectraflame® finish, Neo-Classics™ Redline® wheels, and a full-metal chassis -- all for the first time on this casting! This is just the vehicle you need when you’re running down all the criminals in Gotham City™, and you still want to do it in high style:

* Spectraflame® true black finish
* Red pinstripes and Batmanâ„¢ logo tampo
* Neo-Classics™ Redline® wheels
* Full-metal chassis
* Clear windshield
* Black interior

Each package features brand new artwork of the car by Otto Kuhni, an individually numbered holographic sticker and ships in a Hot Wheels® Kar Keepers® case. Priced at $14.99 each plus S&P, the RLC™ 1966 TV Series Batmobile™ will be produced ONLY in the quantity of the orders we receive during the one-week Priority Window.
Don’t forget: Club members earn an RLC™ Rewards Point for each car purchased (purchase limit of four per membership).
Offer opens to RLCâ„¢ members only for a one-week Priority Window: 5/13/08, 9:00 AM PT

Join the Red Line Club today.

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