Tuesday, June 17, 2008


2.5 inch Qee Pumpkinator Bear

what is the Qee Halloween 2008, we found a talent Artist to make this
specail limited edition Qee for Toy2r. the design tell how nice it was.

Desigin by Halli Civelek From Reykjavik, Iceland

Who is Halli Civelek >
28 years old, and a designer and illustrator from Iceland. he study at
Parsons School of Design and do some freelance work.
he has been drawing characters for some years, had some published in
Pictoplasma 2 (on the first pages) and back in Iceland he did characters
for a supermarket that even won some awards. here is website with some
of his work: http://www.icomefromreykjavik.com where you can see
character illustrations, design and a video of him dancing in New York.

SRP: HK$80/pc
Edition size is 2000 pcs
We taking preorders now, please send your order to md1@toy2r.com, Hurry before they are sold out!

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