Sunday, March 28, 2010


Action Figures Invade the iPhone!

Ever wanted to show your friends your action figure collection?
How about look up a figure value at a garage sale or trade show?

Or, take pictures of your figures without all the normal hassles?

Collector-ActionFigures is proud to announce that the World’s First iPhone App for Action Figure Collectors is now available! The app works with iPhone and iPod touch devices and is available from the iTunes App Store.

Features of the iPhone app...
The new “Action Figure Collector” app for the iPhone works for all Collector-ActionFigures members. Click here for a great Demo Video of the iPhone app!

FEATURE - Look up Detailed Info and Photos for any Figure
From your iPhone, you can search the DASH Universe. Within seconds, see all the figures that match your search criteria. Drill down to see full information about that figure.

one two
See all 52 "Homer" figures

See Manufacturer, Year, Values, and 23 more fields of info

one two
See Front and Back of Packages

Zoom, Pan and Full-Screen views

FEATURE - Sync your entire collection to your iPhone

Carry your full collection, including photos, with you all the time. Great for sharing with friends or keeping track of all of your figures.


All of your figures are organized by series and are searchable. See condition, grade, and, if you have the figure for sale in the DASH Marketplace, see its listing price.

FEATURE - Take pictures of your figures in seconds

Today, the common scenario of every collector is this. Not only is it a big hassle, it takes TONS of time.

1. Taking pictures with your digital camera.
2. Copy them to your PC:
3. Figure out which photos go with which figures.
4. Manually uploading the photos

Instead, with the DASH iPhone application, find the figure in your collection on the phone. Take the photo(s) you want. Done! Your photos, which are surprisingly good quality and will be used in the DASH picture viewer, are automatically uploaded to your Collector-ActionFigures account. If your figure is for sale, not only will the photos appear in your Collection, but they will also appear in your DASH Marketplace listing.

Snap a Photo
on the iPhone

Instantly post photos to your online collection and to the marketplace

Spread the Word

We hope you can see that we are determined to build a very different, valuable resource for action figure collectors – a resource that can make collecting easier and more fun. We will be turning up our marketing activities in the coming months, but we would really appreciate your help in getting the word out. Telling your collecting friends through email or in action figure forums you participate in makes a really big impact for us, and the more members we have on the site, the better it will get!

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