Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Out Now: Plastic Winged Nazgûl; Rohan and Isengard Reinforcements

Out now, the new plastic Winged Nazgûl makes it easier than ever to add multiple, unique-looking Fell Beasts to your The Lord of the Rings collection.

The Ringwraiths are the most deadly of all Sauron's captains, so it's fortunate that there are also some reinforcements for the forces of Good on sale today, including a dynamic new sculpt of Éomer, Marshal of the Riddermark.
Winged Nazgûl Winged Nazgûl This all new plastic box set can build either a Ringwraith mounted on a Fell Beast, or the Witch-king himself mounted on his armoured Fell Beast and includes a sculpted scenic base. Add the Winged Nazgûl to your Mordor Legions and watch the Free peoples cower in fear.

Éomer, Marshal of the RiddermarkThis new version of Éomer makes an ideal leader for an Éored of Riders of Rohan, Rohan Royal Knights, Rohan Outriders or Sons of Eorl formation. Have this Epic Warrior of Edoras lead your Rohirrim to battle.

Grimbold's Helmingas are a Legendary Formation of Warriors of Rohan who benefit from +1 Courage. Add Grimbold's Helmingas to your army today.

Grimbold's Helmingas Command Grimbold's Helmingas Command This set includes a Rohan Banner Bearer. Add the Hornblower to any of your Rohan formations to add +1 to it's move value.

Saruman (Orthanc)Our first ever sculpt of Saruman the White mounted on horse. Add this mobile, magic wielding Epic Hero to your formation of Warg Riders or Morgul Knights.

No Isengard force should be without Thrydan Wolfsbane, a Dunlending Epic Hero who will stand fast no matter how desperate the situation.

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