Friday, March 12, 2010


Moss Man® Figure (with Unflocked Ears)
Available March 15, 2010
Club Eternia™ Monthly Figure, March 2010
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Heroic Spy and Master of Camouflage


Maximum order quantity: 10

Qty Coming Soon

Mother Nature has nothing on Moss Man®, powerful lord over all that is green! This fully-articulated figure features amazing detail and comes complete with nature mace, removable vine sling with stone knife, and, of course, flocking and an evergreen scent guaranteed to take you back! (Collector Note: it is not the identical scent as the vintage toy, but we came as close as possible within today's manufacturing standards.) Moss Man® also comes with an alternative 2002-inspired head designed by the Four Horsemen.

PLEASE NOTE: This figure has unflocked ears and is available while supplies last. Subscribers to 2010 Club Eternia™ will automatically receive this version. A version with flocked ears is also available for purchase while supplies last.

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