Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Speed Racer 3" Action Figure 2 Packs

Car & Figure Assortment

All cars feature spring loaded action features and driver action figures. Man I wish we had these about 30 years ago!

Mach 5

Racer X's X-9 (Shooting Star)

Taejo Togokhan

The GRX (The Fastest Car in the World!)

Deluxe Car & Driver

Both boxed vehicles feature spring loaded features, light-up action, separating mini-vehicles, and Drivers!

Battle Rig & Mach 6 Playset

Transforming Mach 6

This is the gem of the line! The car morphs beautifully & effortlessly, with lauching missiles & lights & sounds. The included fully poseable Speed figure is in the 5" scale.

It should be noted that there is no bigger Speed Racer fan on the PLANET than yours truly. I'm super-excited about the movie, and the toys really are a lot of fun. I'm hoping when all the excitement settles down that Mattel makes a series based on the classic cartoon! Until then, special thanks to Mattel's Toy Guru for the toys!

Transformers Animated.

Slated for a June release, I jumped at the chance to be able to show you some of these a bit early. They are some of the finest Transformers made to date. Check out a sneek peek of the Voyager Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Bulkhead. It should be noted that while I like Bulkhead, he's my least favorite of the three, as he's way too small to be in the correct scale. Watch for the upcoming Leader-Class vesion later this summer.


Optimus Prime (Earth Mode)


Feed Shark

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