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The Argonaut Resins' backstory:

Editor's note: A little about Argonaut Resin, that answers the questions: Why resin? and Do Cell Phones Kill?

Eric Nocella of Argonaut Resin gave us the low-down on
new high end resin toys:

Me and a few friends are trying something new with limited run hi-end resin toys. I'll be doing most of the sculpting, casting and molding but none of the painting. If we do any paint that will be handled by the artists involved or the resin will be sold in white (or tinted) castings so customizers can do their magic like they do on all the blank DIY vinyl toys that are out there now.
Lately I've been transitioning away from the vinyl stuff because it takes too long to get done (6 - 8 months if you use a factory in China for production) and it has a limited control factor for the artist. With the resin concept we're starting out with simple small one piece mold designs right now that can be painted up quick and in various versions. We'll no longer be stuck to making 100 - 500 pieces all one colorway. The limited resin gives the artist some major freedom to do whatever he or she wants and how many pieces and designs they want. No limitations what so ever, so if they want just a handful of a few different designs they can have it done. We'll even be able to go back to the original design and remodify it on the fly and add and take away features as seen on the CPK line. All the resin toy lines will be very limited to like maybe 10 - 25 (or more if the artist really wants that) pieces give or take, and the designs will get more interesting and cast in various other mediums as we go. The cool factor of this is resin prototypes are used to make the vinyl toys in most cases so I figured why not just stick to that and bypass the vinyl stage? We're even talking about exotic hand made packaging (more on that later).
We currently have a few artist / designers on board other than myself - Jared Deal is one of them and his Halloween project is almost complete. We'll be revealing who the next few artist's are soon hopefully after all the specs for their new designs are settled. I'm trying to keep this affordable as well so artists can take a crack at getting a design out there and not have to spend ridiculous amounts of money and time to do it. There is a catch tho - they have to promote their own design to help it sell. Everything will be sold through the Argonaut Resins online web store: http://argonautresins.bigcartel.com/ and all updates will be featured on the blog: http://argonautsresin.blogspot.com/
As for the CellPhonesKill line - I kept hearing on the news one day that cell phones can do all this damage to us the longer we use them and that at some rate they may even kill us. That made me wonder what a killer cell phone would look look like and I came up with the CPK idea. There will be a few more variants with crazier themes like in Wave 3 (the Static and BlindmansBluff variants). I even named the first wave of color tinted versions after all kinds of dangerous stuff just to mess with folks. No real backstory but a crazy little fun story making light of killer electronics.
As for the Jared Deal Halloween project - Jared's working on the backstory for that and I'll get that info to you as his project developes more.

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