Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Star Wars Legacy Action Figure Comic Packs Wave 4 Description:

* Own your favorite Star Wars comics characters!
* Special features and a comic book in every pack!
* Enhance your collection!

This electrifying collection brings classic Star Wars characters from Marvel and Dark Horse comics to life as Action Figures, some for the very first time! With awesome 3 3/4-inch Action Figures, terrific accessories, and a fun-filled comic book reprint in every pack, this assortment is a can't-miss for any collector.

This Wave 4 Legacy Collection case includes 8 individually packaged action figure 2-packs with comic book reprint (subject to change):
1x Legacy #2 with Darth Talon and Cade Skywalker
1x Shadows of the Empire #5 with Princess Leia and Prince Xizor
1x Heir to the Empire #1 with Grand Admiral Thrawn and Talon Karrde
1x Infinities ROTJ #3/4 with Darth Vader (White) and Princess Leia (Sniper)
2x Dark Empire II #1 with Clone Emperor and Luke Skywalker
2x Republic #82 with Commander Faie and Quinlan Vos

Immediately enhance your collection by acquiring these irresistible comic characters today!

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