Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Executive Replicas has produced one of the most iconic monsters of the modern age. The Cemetery Zombie from Night of the Living Dead. The spitting image of the actor Bill Hinzman and licensed by him has been created in the 12" scale.

The box is decorated with images of Bill Hinzman, the back gives a little background on the movie.

The inner flap has a picture of the zombie figure standing in front of a movie one-sheet from Night of the Living Dead with the tag line, "They won't stay dead!"

Dressed in his black suit and tie with white shirt, the zombie sports black shoes and a selection of heads running the gamut from black and white to color versions. The Hinzman monster also comes with two sets of hands.

The face sculpts are perfect, my favorite being the black and white version with his teeth bared. All the better to attack Barbara and Johnny in the cemetery! Paint ops are not overdone and this makes the figure a delight.

He's not covered in blood or gore which makes him a little scarier.

The costume is well done and a good weight of cloth has been used. Even the tie looks good and sometimes that's one of the hardest things to get right if the cloth is too heavy it seems to bulk up at the neck.

The stand is simple and painted with the Night of the Living Dead logo.

I've been waiting a long time for this figure to arrive and now on Halloween, it just seems right to look at these cool shots of the cemetery zombie.

If you want to see our buddy Bill Hinzman in action just check out the video below.

The full length version of "Night of the Living Dead" in full black and white.

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