Tuesday, November 11, 2008


A wonderful gift which will be treasured forever, a Mini-Me sculpture from ModelWorks captures the detail of the Big-Me and translates it into a cute pint sized character.

Choose from a range of our action bodies, executive bodies, sporting bodies – or Big-Buddies real body, which ever you choose all Mini-Me’s are adorable and will get more laughs than being stuck in a lift with Will Ferrel, Eddie Murphy and George Bush.

Ordering is simple – just go to the web site and complete a simple order form and up load a photograph of the subjects head (we need a close up so we can get the detail and expressions) then choose the body for your mini-me and that’s it. IMPORTANT – all Mini-Me’s make the subject look around 38.7% better looking that they really are, great for people who need a little confidence boost.

We take it from there …. Around 10 days later your hand sculptured, hand painted mini me will be winging its way to your house (or your friends house) with FedEx.

Now one lucky AFTimes reader will be chosen to win a free Mini-Me Action Figure!
Just head on over the Prize Monkey section of our forums and post an entry in the Mini-Me contest thread. No purchase necessary, you don't even have to register. So, enter today. One lucky winner will be chosen over the Thanksgiving Day Holiday Weekend.

Enter HERE!

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