Friday, November 16, 2007

Collector's Corner: Mego Batcycle Packaging Variations!

Hello again and Happy Thanksgiving!

Once again the holidays are right around the corner. Around this time we all tend to get just a wee bit busy running around shopping, visiting family and friends and just down right enjoying the holiday season. Before this happens I thought that I'd sneak in a quick column which will continue our packaging variation theme but this time we'll focus on the Mego Batcycle. The Batcycle came in two colors, black and blue and was released circa 1974. Just look at how cool Batman and Robin looked driving those Batcycles. These proved popular with the kiddies as you might have guessed.

The Batcycle was released in three different types of packaging just like with the Batmobile and Batcopter, four if you count the cardboard catalog box that you could have ordered from a number of retailers, namely Sears and Montgomery Wards. A blue "photobox" and a red "sketchbox" frequently surface on eBay and will run you between $150.00-$300.00 depending on condition. While I like the vibrant colors of the blue box, the comicbook collector in me prefers the red sketch box.
The photobox tends to realize higher prices on the secondary market.

The more elusive carded version, which I have been seeking out for many years, books out at $1200.00.
The last one to surface was last year during a Hake's Collectibles auction which I was unfortunately out of the country for and unable to bid. This specimen realized a mere $675.00, a steal in most collectors minds considering that it may be years until you see another. The carded Batcycle is currently one of my White Whales as Kramer on Seinfeld would say. lol

As you can see from this original Mego Corporation order form, retailers were able to purchase these by the dozen for $43.25, not bad for an item that will run you over $1000.00 for a carded specimen on the secondary market.
Time to fire up the ole time machine!

This about wraps up this months column. Stay tuned for my next column which will take a look at the numerous packaging variations for the creme of the crop, the dreaded Mego Batmobile. If you have a few extra minutes, we'd love to see you at our message boards. It's up to all of us to help keep the Mego name alive! Remember,

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