Friday, November 16, 2007

Neil's Wheels: Dream Halloween 2007

There was quite a Hot Wheels presence mixed among the crowd of celebrities and fans at this year's Dream Halloween Event.

Hosted by Ringmaster Jamie Lee Curtis, this years' festivities saw Teri Hatcher and here real daughter (the Queen of Hearts and Alice) as well as her Wisteria Lane daughter, aka Andrea Bowen from "Desperate Housewives"(a Showgirl), Rumor Willis (daughter to Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, dressed as a Can-Can girl),

Doris Roberts ("Everybody Loves Raymond"),and Jason Priestly ("Beverly Hills 90210"). Also attending were Marlee Matlin ("Children of a Lesser God"--as Capt. Jack Sparrow)

and Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, as well, Elvira!)

--everyone was having a blast, uncluding Teri and her daughter taking a break from all the Paparazzi to play some Skee Ball

--the main event saw some excitement as the President of Mattel got in a bidding war with the Pixar crew over the "Cars" display (which went for a whopping $13,000).

Other auction items included the Mattel Team's Electric ride-on "Roadshow" Power Wheels vehicle went for $6,500, Jason Priestly's Formula One($7,000)--Larry Wood's ride-on Boneshaker ($8,000)--and a few Barbies--Teri Hatcher's went for $20,000 (and an impromptu date went for $25,000!)

--Rumor Willis' doll went for $5,500, Elvira's for $8,000, and Andrew Bowen's for $2,000--In all over $1 million was raised at the event. The cars given out in the $300 paid admission goodie bags were a gold chrome Willys and a Matchbox London Cab...+ a Hot Wheels Drop Stars silver Spider and a "Titanic" Barbie...all in all, a ton of fun and $$$ raised for CAAF, the Children Affected by Aids Foundation. A great time for a great charity. Special thanks go out to Jordan Fischler and the talented crew who ran a professional, seamless show. Next October, stop by Barker Hangar in Santa Monica California (or hit the Chicago or New York venues) and help make a difference, either as a volunteer or patron supporting this worthy cause. Check out the CAAF website at for details. See you next year!



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