Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Welcome back to another reach into the Toybox. Sometimes when you reached into your box of toys you would come across something that was given to you that maybe wasn't so much a toy as a gift. Maybe this was meant more to be put on your shelf or in a bookcase. You thought otherwise and played with it anyway.

Tonner Doll makes stuff just like that. Their dolls are high end and are more of a collectible then a toy. Some people don't like them while others love them. Whichever camp you might be in, Tonner makes very detailed dolls. The clothing is real cloth, has metal snaps and resembles very closely the character you purchased it for. Here are 4 characters from Harry Potter.

That;s it for this look into the Toybox. have a great Thanksgiving and come back soon. There is lots more to see.


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