Friday, November 16, 2007

Toybox: Booglyheadz!

Welcome back to another reach into the Toybox! I remember loading all of my plush toys into my toybox when I was a kid. Well I have some very imaginative plush for you. From Rocket USA comes The Booglyheadz. These are cool plush that stand 10-12 inches tall, are brightly colored, have poseable arms & ears, come with a collectible mini comix & trading card and are just cool. Take a look.

To find out more about these cool plush and more you can go to: /

Rocket USA also has a line of mini bobble heads Boogily Heads. They are brightly colored, have cool designs, stand about 1 1/2 -2 inches tall and have 2 series. There is also a rare Golden Boogily Head! Check them out.

Well that's it for this look into the Toybox. Drop me a line if you have something good to say about the mini bobble heads! The golden one is up for grabs!

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