Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well people, it's about that time. With the start of a brand new year I couldn't think of a better way than to continue with our packaging variation theme, this time concentrating on:

The Amazing Spider-Car,

Green Arrow Car


Captain Americar

. Unlike the Batcycle, Batmobile and Batcopter which were released on cards and in boxes, these three vehicles were only released in a box with absolutely no packaging variations. It's one and done. It would have been nice to have photoboxes and platform cards ( still my beating heart ) along with these sketch boxes but either way, these are at the top of many want lists and I think once you see them you'll know why. Each vehicle came equiped with its own feature which in turn made the kids eat them up. I know cause I was one of them! The net on the Spider-Mobile drops down to catch criminals, the Captain Americar features a pop up "deflector shield" while the Greenarrow car has "missile firing action". What kid wouldn't love to open these up on Christmas morning. The best part is that parents loved their very affordable $6.99 price tag as did retailers who paid just $38.40 per dozen! Talk about a win win situation all around.
Secondary market values have come down a bit over the past 10 years but as usual, high grade packaging still commands big dollars which can be quite the challenge to obtain. Both the Spider-Mobile and the Captain Americar can be had mint in box for anywhere between $150.00 - $250.00 depending on condition. The Greenarrow Car is the stand out, commanding the most money out of the three especially if it comes complete with its two " blunt nosed firing arrows" which are close to impossible to find loose along with its windshield that is frequently missing. Expect complete boxed specimens to realize between $275.00 - $400.00 on the open market.
The Mego Worlds Greatest Superhero line was and always will be in a class by itself. Judging by the mail I recieve, lots of new collectors are jumping on the bandwagon which is great to see. Both community message boards here at AFTimes and also at Megocentral have never been better. Sharing your newly bought toys with other collectors is what makes collecting even more enjoyable because lets face it , collecting alone isn't much fun. Come over and show us your new toys, share what you got for Christmas or better yet, tell us what you're looking for, maybe we can help. Collecting is not a spectators sport so get involved. Remember, above all, Mego Lives!!

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