Thursday, January 3, 2008


Hello again for almost the last time in 2007. This will be the last column with product pictures for this year. Truth be told, I could use another week or two to get through all of the stuff I didn't have the time to get to. Oh well, it will give us something to look at while we wait for new product to hit the shelves.

I do have a question to put to those of you who read the column. Of course, this will mean that in order to affect change you'll have to drop me a note. I know just how hard that is sometimes. Do you want more information with the pictures? I ask this beacuse I have seen other reviewers go to town on every little detail on what they are showing. I sense the pictures are enough most of the time but since I write this column for you I wanted to inquire. If you have the strength, drop me a line and let me know. If you have comments on the column other then that I am always willing to listen. Let's face the facts. If you didn't read the site I wouldn't be doing this!

Anyway...onward to today's offerings. Sideshow Collectibles distributes product for many companies. One of thier first partners for distribution was and is Electric Tiki. This company makes some very nice busts and maquettes of popular figures. Today I bring to you probably THE most popular dog in televisio, Lassie. For those of you too young to know of this super collie, Lassie was there to always save the day! If you could count on anyone being there to pull someone's fat out of the fire, it was Lassie!

Next up are the ever entertaining Simpsons by McFarlane Toys. Now some people don't like this incarnation of the longest running cartoon on television because they aren't in the same scale as the figures made by Playmates Toys. Ok, I sort of get that. They aren't the same size, lack the articulation as well as not having the ability to speak lines like the aforementioned product. That being said, this series is very cool! The scuplts are right on. The scenes they were pukked from are evry recognizeable and they are just plain cool. Take a look and see what I mean.

This set is cool as you can place the 2 "Krustys" upside down on the ramp through the use of magnets!

McFarlane Toys also released the coolest oversized set to date in the Simpson's line, Lard Lad. This is one huge figure. He comes with the Simpson's family car, a mini Homer (with an interchangeable head) and LL changes expression by using the lever on the right of the stand. All in all this figure would go great with any collection of The Simpsons you might have!

Here is a scale shot for you to see just how big LL is!

2008 will no doubt bring more of televisions favorite cartoon family. I am eagerly awaiting what comes out.

Now onto Gentle Giant. They released The Animated Hellboy just as the door was clsoing on the year. While the stylized HB is nice, I have issues with the stick like legs. Otherwise the fact that GG didn't chince out on the gun and mold it into the holster but rather, made it so it could be removed and placed in his hand was great. There is plenty of articulation in these figures as well as accessories. If you are a Hellboy fan, I am sure you will hunt these out and add them to your collection.

If this is any indication of what Gentle Giant can do to action figures, I can't wait to see what other licences they might aanounce for 2008!

Well that's it for pictures in 2007. I will have a year end wrap-up Sunday night as has become my custom. Until then GO Patriots!


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