Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Happy 2008 and welcome back to the Toybox! It's Wildcard Saturday and I have just the toy for you. It's the Fox Sports Robot!. You know the one, he transforms from or to the words Fox Sports during football games. He jumps around and generally looks pretty damn cool.

Well a company called Action Heads is producing it. I stumbled onto this cool toy on-line and then at Toys-R-Us. He comes in 2 sizes, 3 inch and 10 inch. The 3 inch version has 6 points of articulation: Neck, shoulders, waist and hip joints. He also comes with 2 accessories that allows you to make him into a key chain or a backpack hanger!

His big brother, the 10 incher has far more articulation and can really move. His points of movement are: Ball joint at the neck for swivel as well as head movement, ball joint shoulders, cut joints at the bicep, swivel joint at the elbows, ball joint at the wrist, swivel joint at the chest, ball joints at the hips, click joints at the knees and 2 points of articulation on the feet for a total of 18 points of articulation and removeable shoulder pads. All in all he is really nicely put together and a must have for any serious football fan.

Well that's the pictures. This figure is quite heavy. If there is any drawbacks to it I would have to say the weight makes the joints a tad loose. However, that being said, I still think it is a very cool figure.

If you want to know more about this figure, want to order one or find out what else this company does, you can go here: http://www.actionheads.com/

So...by now I know some of you are saying "damn I want one of those"! Well you are in the right place at the right time! Seeing as this is the first column for 08 I have 2 sets to give away! How do you win you ask? It's simple. Write me a letter telling me just why I should send you one AND include this answer: What was the first column I did for The Toybox? I will announce the winners in the next column.

See you again soon when we crack open the Toybox and see what's inside!


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