Thursday, January 3, 2008


Jazwares has given us this set of four American heroes. Real men who
have fought bravely for our country, now made into action figures,
putting a face on our fighting men.

Maj. Jason Amerine
Awarded the Bronze Star with "V" device for valor.

Sgt. Tommy Rieman
Awarded the Silver Star

Sfc. Gerald Wolford
Awarded the Silver Star

Sgt. Matthew Zedwick
Awarded the Silver Star

These detailed figures include a sculpted base, collector card that
references the expoloits of the soldier, detailing what events led to
the awarding of their citations. All figures come with a demo of the
America's Army Overmatch software.

It's a wonderful salute to our fighting men. Children will see these
men, read their stories, and bring an awareness of the thousands of
defenders of the United States and the hardships they face.

Available now at Toys R Us and other locations.

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