Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Street fighter Previews is a glimpse at the direction SOTA plans on taking all Street Fighter sculpting. This particular style is influenced by the Street Fighter anime as well as fan input.

Independently wealthy, Ken travels the world seeking worthy opponents to test his martial arts skill on. While brash and arrogant as a martial artist, Ken has the skills to back his loud mouth. His best friend (sometimes rival) is Ryu.

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The Heart of the game. Ryu, raised by his foster father and martial arts master Gouken, has dedicated his life to being the best fighter in the world. His great potential is a double-edged sword and has not gone unnoticed by Bison who would love to bring him into the fold of Shadaloo

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"Gi down" Akuma features a fireball accessory and the classic "Gi down" pose Akuma has been know to strike.

Using the same Shotokan school of martial arts that trained Ryu and Ken, Akuma has opposed them for years. Hi is demoniacally powerful due to him master of the dark arts, Gotetsu. Akuma hopes to one day confront and destroy his master using his signature mover "The Raging Demon."

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