Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hey, how are you? You've come by to visit I see. Come on in and pull up a seat. The Vinyl Shack has some really cool prducts to view today. Let's start off with Jamungo's Budscription. What's a Budsription you ask? Well it's a way to get everything that Jamungo is releasing for the latter half of 2008. For one price you could sign up and get a "Budscription" to some of the coolest vinyl on the market. Icouldn't resist so off my money went. I came ome to my first box of coolness this past week. Inside was a plastic card with a lanyard & 4 wicked cool figures. Check them out!

If you want to more about Jamungo you can go here:
Next up is Dr. Destrucction by Muttpop. Standing app. 9 inches tall, the good Dr. comes with a cape, cigareete in holder and a cool cane. Check him out!

If you want to more about Muttpop you can go here:

Next up is something really different. From Ron English come Bunnny Rabbit. Standing app. 9 inches tall she is!

I'm not certain about a release date for this figure but if you want to order 1 you can go here: If you want to more about Jamungo you can go here:

I showed you a Dookie-Poo vinyl not too long ago. He is sort of cu=te and the company recently released a small D.I.Y. of the character. He is tiny at app. 3 inches but nice nonetheless.

Next up is The Vulture. This figure just rocks in my opinion!

Last up is another Hammer Shark by Joe Ledbetter!

If you want to more about Joe Ledbetter you can go here:

That's it for this afternoon! More vinyl coming. I also suggest checking
out news for the first Singapore Convention. It is loaded with vinyl goodness!

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