Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Hellboy 2 Limited Edition “Bronze” Roto Bust Nearly Sold Out

With the release of the new Hellboy 2 film, collecters have put their Hellboy buying into high gear. As a result, Mezco's limited edition bronze Roto Bust is nearly sold out.

The limited edition version has a faux bronze finish giving it the look of a classical sculpture plucked from the archives of the BPRD. The special finish highlights the extreme details of the sculpture; the wrinkles by the eyes, the texture of the skin, the nooks and crevices of the “stone” base, and much more.

Mezco Roto Busts update the standard concept of busts by adding articulation and utilizing the latest in cutting edge 21st century roto technology to make a highly detailed, poseable bust that is more affordable than other busts on the market. The new Roto Bust format will debut with Hellboy. Standing an imposing 9.75 inches tall this Hellboy bust will be the focal point of your collection. Featuring a new interactive element that allows you to pose him in more than 1600 possible positions!

Limited edition of just 98 pieces worldwide.
Available exclusively through Mezco Direct.

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