Sunday, July 13, 2008


Welcome back to another withdrawl from the Qee Vault. Toy2R has been very busy with the Taipai Toy Festival as wel as getting ready for the latter half of 2008. Never one to sit on his laurels, Raymond Choy continues to pump out tremendous product. Today we get to look at 2 more colorways from the Toy2R/Joe Ledbetter crossover project. Smash is a very cool stylized gorilla that to date comes in 6 colorways. Yeti (yellow from Munky King), Goldie( from Newbury Comics), Candy (pink), brown, Blue and Toxic Green. Today we have pink & gold to view.

ere's a group shot of all of the Smash and the Da Warrior brothers all hanging out. I think they have come to a sort of trce!

That's it for this withdrawl. I am expecting a huge deposit soon so come on back for more Qee Vault goodness!


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