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When it comes to colorful costumes, Mego Captain
America is hard to beat. The red, white and blue costume with Cap himself holding his star spangled shield is in my opinion the best rendition of the character ever to be made in a 8 inch action figure. If you keep in mind that this figure was released way back in late 1972 with that eras technology, I'd say that Mego Captain America has indeed stood up to not only bad guys but to the tests of time as well.

"Kresge cards" were released exclusively for the S.S. Kresge department store and command high prices on todays secondary market. Only 17 characters of the Worlds Greatest Superhero line were released in this type of packaging and while their are numerous variations this by far is my favorite with both Marvel and DC characters featured on the front. Captain Americas numerous packagings manage to stay neck in neck with the vibrant colors that the figure itself portrays. Take a minute to really admire this card. The most eye catching logo that I've ever seen. I love how they've got "Captain America" splattered across the card right above the bubble in red white and blue. No doubt tough to beat.

The back of the Kresge card is even better than the front!

The standard US box and card are no exception. Again, some of the best that the WGSH line has to offer. If you haven't yet added any one of these to your collection you might want to start saving your sheckles so when one does become available you'll be all ready to pounce. Tales to Suspense #59 is where the original artwork originated that was used on the back of the box.

Image on box side panel

Tales to Suspense cover

Captain America was also released on a number of cards both foreign and domestic. Below is an example of a US card along with a coveted UK Fist Fighting Palitoy card. As a side note, with oil prices rising and the cost to produce a figure following suit, Marty Abrams decided to give his customers more bang for their buck with their new Fist Fighting feature. With a push of a lever the arms would swing wildly simulating fighting action!

If it's the larger 12 inch scale that floats your boat, don't worry, Mego got you covered with this Fly Away version. Again, the packaging is some of the best ever to be released in this scale.

On a side not, Mego also released a boxed Captain Americar that sports a " Flip Out Deflector Shield" which Cap can comfortable ride in. As you can clearly see, there are many choices for the Captain America fan in the Mego Worlds Greatest Superhero line. Some affordable and other not but with a little patience and a lot of drive they have a way of finding their way in to the collections of people who really want them. As for as values are concerned, a US card routinely sells for around $400.00+ while a Palitoy card can go as high as $4000.00 or more depending on condition.
The highly sought after Kresge card brings in around $1500.00 while a boxed Captain Americar sells for around $300.00 give or take a bit. Check in next month for more Mego goodness and remember, Mego Lives!

Captain Americar

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