Thursday, July 10, 2008


Welcome back to another reach into the Toybox. Let's face it. Everyone had some plush dolls in thier toybox as a kid. Maybe it was a doll or an animal of some sort but EVERYONE had one. You clung to it, took it in the car and/or slept with it. You probably kept it until it was literally disintegrating! I came across David Lipson and his company while attending the Western States Toy & Hobby Show and he showed me that plush has gotten a bit cooler since then. Big Eye Dummies is just such an example of that. Cool plush animals with magnetic facial features that are interchangeable! Tired of seeing your buddy happy, change up his eyes. Want to make him mad, chage up the mouth. Just want to have some fun, mix and match! Check them out.

If you want to order these or just find out more about this cool new and up & coming company you can go here: .

John Schiller, whom I met at the Vinyl Toy Network show in Pasadena not too long ago, has a plush line to go along with his comic! I have one example of his characters to show you. Hopefully I will have more in the future!

That's it for this reach into the Toybox. Come back soon for more!


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