Thursday, July 10, 2008


Batman Movie Masters Series 2

Hot on the heels of Mattel's awesome Movie Masters line series 1, series 2 has just hit store shelves! Today I've got a sneek peek of the Scarecrow and Batman from Batman Begins! Sculpted by the Horsemen, They're pretty much perfection. The head joints feature a ball & socket joint that offers a much wider range of movement than we've gotten previously. The Scarecrow figure is simply gorgeous. The detail - superb. He looks to re-use parts of the Joker's Thug, but it looks appropriate, and is hidden under his coat. Includes more crime scene evidence, this time in the form of a soft-goods Scarecrow mask. The Batman is a perfect representation of the suit worn in Batman Begins. The cowl is a different sculpt for the Dark Knight version. There is a chase version of his fear gas-induced nightmare version. He includes crime scene evidence of a batarang. Sadly, no batarang accessory to scale is included.

Marvel Legends Hulk wave w/ Fin Fang Foom ***UPDATED***

It seems like forever since a new line of Marvel Legends came out, and this was one I was REALLY looking forward to! Both assortsmenta are currently shipping, and the cases are a mixed bag. I've got the second assortment of 5 to show you here today. For the most part, the figures are LARGE, and have more paint & articulation than previous Hasbro offerings. Each comes with a piece to build Fin Fang Foom, and he looks to be huge! These will also be available in one large box set at SDCC.

Savage She Hulk

Easily my LEAST favorite of the bunch. She's considerably shorter than the previous She Hulk, and the sculpt really isn't very representational of the first Appearance She Hulk, which was a version I was looking forward to. Additoinally, her torn white dress isn't very torn, and the pattern looks very regular, more like she's wearing an apron. Big time missed opportunity, but she does come w/ the head of Fin Fang Foom, so she's a must-buy

Son of Hulk

Actually, this ended up being a really nice figure! He could've used some bicep joints, but otherwisehe's a nice big figure with a pretty sharp paint job. He includes a jagged sword and knife & scabbard which attaces to his belt.

Hulk: The End

This is actually one version I was anxiously awaiting, because it's from a really cool story where the Hulk is the last living man on Earth. Wandering a post-apocalyptic world, he is tormented by flesh-eating mutated cockroaches, which feed on his flesh. His gamma radiation induced healing abilities heal him every day. Eventually, he feels Banner die of old age inside him, and in a true sense of irony, he is finally, truly alone, as he always wished to be. This is one of my favorite figures in the bunch, with a great sculpt & outstanding paint job.


Easily my favorite of the bunch. He's really big, almost as tall as Sasquatch, and much thicker! Although the hair gets in the way, there is some surpising movement allowed by the ball joint neck. His tail comes unnattached in the package. Really nice paint wash & leg articulation (ball hips & double knees!), but could've really benefitted from bicep swivels.

King Hulk

King Hulk is particularly nice looking. He re-uses much of the Planet Hulk mold, which is left over from Toy Biz's Hulk Classics line. This time around there's more paint to the texture, and he's a solid figure. My main complaint is that a black paint wash would've really made the armored arm pop, and he's packe dat one per case.

Doc Sampson

Now wer'e talkin'! I've waited an eternity for the good doctor to be immortalized in 6" plastic. This one's pretty darn good, and is actually taller than I expected. He's got a good looking face, and is overally a very clean figure. My want list for Doc here is that for his smaller size (comapred to the Hulks), he should've featured bicep & hip swivels.

Savage Gray Hulk

My second favorite of the wave! He's got a very stylized look, but he's got lots of personality, and starts to grow on you right away. He's got the swivel biceps I love, and swivel elbows to boot. He could've used a thigh swivel as well, but he's got some nice paint work to him, and his hulked-up frame is extra bulky, just as he should be!

Absorbing Man

Crusher here is kind of the black sheep of the group. He's not particularly interesting, or vastly improved from previous versions of the character. I suppoed that's my main concern here. Absory could be wild and interesting, but instead he's pretty bland. Even the parts where he's become brick and cement are lacking sufficient paint detail to sell the image. Also, his articulation, particularly in the arms, is similarly lacking. But, that said, he's a fantastic excuse to pick up a real metal & poseable ball & chain accessory from Jakey-Jake at Be sure to check out all of the fabulous Marvel Legns-style accessories they offer, you won't be able to resist getting something for your collection!

Fin Fang Foom

Now this is what you all came to see! Here he is in all his completed glory! He's got good articulation, as good as you'd expect for this 15.5" dragon. You don't truly appreciate how big & impressive he is until you see him next to other legendary build-a-figures. He's got: Ball joint head, jaw, neck, ball joint wings, ball & socket shoulders, double elbows, ball & socket wrists, 2-way rotational torso, ball & socket hips, knees, ball & socket ankles, 2 points on the tail.

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